13 months 

This last month has flown by! We kept so busy and I hate to say but being a mom to a walking l/o is so much more fun. She just loves going! She is so curious and always has been but now she can go check out all the stuff she wants to see. 

We have been getting out to do fun stuff several times a week, lately going to the beach/water has been a top priority with this wonderful weather we are having. Not long after her birthday, we went to the beach for the first time and we have been back many times since. We love the sandy beaches with tidal pools, she can run and roam freely without tripping too much. We have been to the park a lot as well. Before parks weren’t too much fun but now that she’s walking, she likes going down the slide and running around and checking out all the different parts though, the swing is still a favorite. 

Developmentally things are good, she wants to have us read books to her all the time, she brings us books constantly. We both love books so it’s a great feeling that she’s getting our passion. She thinks everything is a phone and holds it up to her ear to check. She fallows simple commands, ‘can you bring this to mommy’ ‘ come here’. She’s knows quite a few words, mom/mama/ma, dad/dada/daaa, kitty, dog, bark, duck, deer, hi/hiiii, baby, baba, no, up, what’s that? That?. She nods and shakes her head. She carries stuffies and her babies around, sometimes carries more then one at a time. She is understanding a lot that we say. She’s remembering people more often. Less strange with family/friends we see monthly rather then weekly. 

I got mastitis a week or so after her birthday and my friends were awesome and watched her while I was receiving IV antibiotics at the hospital for 4 days. It was our first time being apart for 7 hours (4 hours before then) and she did great and even napped for my friend which was really surprising to me as she pretty much exclusively naps after being nursed. Luckily it cleared up the day after I ended the IV antibiotics, horrible stuff.

 I got mastitis as we were starting to slowly wean, I just nursed her one time less a day and within 3 days I had it. Luckily it’s been a lot more successful since. As a disclaimer I wanted to have her self wean and I believe if you can nursing until two its important but I am just done with it. I’m hoping the next baby ( when we have one) will be different but it’s been such a stress and struggle the whole time she’s been around and I want to not have that anymore. So after a month we went from 5 times a day to just 2 or 3. Sometimes in the morning depending how sleep was the night before, before her nap and before bed. 

We have always had a real struggle getting her to sleep but we have implemented her on a schedule and it’s been such a big difference. I have always been really against schedules but I couldnt survive anymore it was taking 3-5 hours to get her to sleep at night. She was unhappy and grouchy all the time and so was I. I thought we would give it a try and the first week it didn’t help night time sleep at all but drastically improved going down for naps. So we decided to try doing one nap a day instead of two, with a rigid bedtime and bam. She’s goes to sleep for her nap and bedtime no problem at all. It was like magic! 15 mins tops. I get my evening back and my sanity. As an introvert I desperately need alone time and time with my husband without her. I was sacrificing my sleep to get that time and now I don’t have too. 

She’s eating a lot more solids now that we are nursing less. I worried she would starve herself as a month ago she was barely eating any solids but it was just time I guess, I struggle a bit finding food she likes, but I try not to worry about that too much. She eats what we eat but about 1/4 of the amount we do. 

She’s in 12-18 m clothes and size 4 shoes. 

She’s 22lbs and has been for a few months. 

She had a visit to the emergency as she swallowed something. It never showed up and we don’t know what it was but it cut her mouth going down and she choked on it quite a bit. She got her first X-ray. Nothing showed up. Scary couple hours though. We think it was a wood chip or something that was digestible. 


One year old.

A very berry first birthday party 

Our girl is finally a year old. The days are long and the months are short, I keep getting reminders with photos on my phone “one year ago” and well of course I have baby fever now. My husband and I haven’t used protection since being pregnancy and now I feel I’m ready to actually get pregnant again, so here’s hoping. 

Little munchkin is now a toddler, days before her birthday she started walking independently. She’s been cruising on furniture for awhile now but it’s amazing how quickly it went from one step to walking across the house without stumbling. Took less than a week. Im wondering what it will look like in another week! 

Sleep is still a tough point. She seems to be transitioning to one nap a day which I just read is super late but I don’t fallow milestone so I can’t say much else about that. She’s taking a really short nap around noon then a 1-2 hr nap later on usually starting  3ish. About 9/10 times it takes at least an hour to put her down for bed for night usually start around 730 or 8 but sometimes takes up to 3 hours to get her to stay asleep. She’s a decent sleeper when she’s down though. Up 2 or 3 times a night to nurse, my nights are still a blur and up for the day around 730-830. 

We got peanut a small baby doll for her birthday and a little stroller. She also received a bigger talking/laughing doll from her paternal grandfather. A bubble making lawn mower from my landscaper dad and Sleepers from my mom. 

We did loads of gardening leading up to her birthday so the yard looks lovely, it’s been so nice to just let her run wild out there, play in her inch of water in the kiddy pool or push around her little lawn mower and turn on her bubble maker. Makes for a lovely hour or so. 

She’s eating lots of solids all of a sudden and only nursing 3 or 4 times a day now. Not that weening is a priority but our breastfeeding journey has been a nightmare from the beginning and I’m looking forward for it to be over. I hope if we are blessed to have another baby it will be smoother. So I am gently and slowly trying to replace nursing. Getting up in the morning instead of nursing her to try and get more sleep, I still nurse to sleep for her two naps and to bed at night, but if she stirs I’m trying to shush and pat instead nursing her right away. I’ve never been a ‘nurse her for every little thing’ so at least I dont have to break that habit. Hoping in about 2-3 months we will be weened at least during the day. 

In other news we are hoping to get pregnant again, though we aren’t BDing as often as we need to, we are no longer concerned if it was to happen. Cross your fingers our infertility has resolved itself as the specialist says it can do after being pregnant. If not, in 6 months we will seek help out. 

11 months old

So we are coming in on the homestretch. I’m so excited for her birthday, we haven’t gotten to celebrate any birthdays with my older daughter as of yet and I didn’t have birthdays for the first 5 years due to a religion my parents we involved in so I’m going over the top for our little peanut. Maybe it’s excessive but I really don’t care. We have a jumping castle planned, ball pit for the babies, bubbles and sidewalk chalk, BBQ for lunch. I’m enjoying every bit of it so far! 

Our little baby is getting so big, she’s 22lbs. She’s got 11 teeth, 3 of them are her first molars, she’s eating lots of solids now that the most recent teeth have broken thru and just nursing before naps and before bed. She’s still up a fair amount to nurse during the night but last night she slept almost the whole night in her crib, side car. She’s almost walking, and was trying to run today. 

She’s the apple of our eye, I love every bit of her even when she’s fussy, and making me crazy.  She’s ‘talking’ all the time, mostly non words but quite a few actual words are sneaking thru ; mama, dada, up, kitty, hi, bye, this? A couple others but I feel she’s going to be a real chatter box in a few months. 

She’s still taking two naps a day, or three is the first two are short. But mostly two longer naps, which has been great for getting stuff done, cleaning, crafting, cooking etc.

Forgot to mention she’s also obsessed with sticking her tongue out ATM. Also she still hates getting her diaper changed, so much. 

10 months / 30 things 

  1. Almost walking.
  2. Walking along furniture.
  3. Still army crawling (once in a while going to knees but usually only if she’s about to pull herself up to standing)
  4. 7 teeth and currently working on her first molar (bottom left) .
  5. Mostly 12m clothes, a few 6-12/9m still
  6. Doesn’t use her soother at all now.
  7. 2oz bottle every other night or less often .
  8. Drinks out of a dippy cup with a straw
  9. Eating more solids than last month when all those teeth started coming in.
  10. Weights over 21lbs at 9m check up.
  11. Still biting a lot while nursing.
  12. Saying single words with meaning mama, dada, duck, kitty, hi and without yes, poop
  13. ‘Reading’ books, will open then and flip the pages, look st the pages, babble while holding. Also brings us a book to read to her.
  14. Starting to enjoy music, ‘dancing’ calming down while music is playing, ‘singing’ along.
  15. Her eyes seem to be staying the same light blue since around 4 or 5 months
  16. We have been looking for her bday party dress, strawberry themed. 
  17. Napping 2-3 times a day 1-3 hours total.
  18. Size 4 disposables , side note; still hates diaper changes and disposables are being used more and more often as I just don’t have it in me to fight her all the time. 
  19. Daddy and her hung out for 4 hours while mommy and grama went and saw beauty and the beast and she didn’t cry at all. 
  20. Was able to see her sister 3 times this month. 
  21. Enjoying mesh feeder with frozen blended watermelon /purred fruit.
  22. Enjoying feeding herself entirely now. Attempting to introduce cutlery.
  23. Starting to introduce the potty. So far two successful pees. She enjoys just sitting on it and being read to or reading /playing with a toy. Just trying once a day. This move is entirely because of her extreme hate of diaper changes.
  24. Still hates her car seat and car rides.
  25. Still only tolerates slings and carriers. 
  26. We have been going on walks at least once a day which she loves. Usually 20-60 mins. We’ve gone rain or shine the last two weeks without missing a day. 
  27. Still hates sleep.
  28. Recognizes grama even if she hadn’t been around for a while. 
  29. Loves blueberries above all else. 
  30.  Size 3 shoe

9 months (out almost  as long as in) 

The last two weeks has been hell. She’s going thru sleep regression and gettting/has gotten 5 teeth. Need a say more? Yes. My easy to go to sleep at night baby is long gone, bring in the 2-4 hour fight for almost a week, waking every hour to nurse, needy all day long. Needless to say I’m touch out and just want my two hour break back between putting her to bed and going to bed but alas that might be a couple more days/ week away. I’m quite sure she’s growth spurting as well. We will see later today when I get her weighed. Two weeks ago she was just about 20lbs   But she’s suddenly fitting all her 12 m clothes so I have a feeling. 

Eating solids has good days and bad. Some days all she wants to do is nurse and will just play with the three meals I provide. Some days she wants puréed food and other o my finger food, I try and give her both as options as she still seems to want the puréed stuff. Cheese, blues berries and pancakes are her favourites, she would just eat those if she could but alas mommy is in charge of it so she has to try weird things like pears, and cherrioes (this mornings breakfast plus pancakes(( only thing she actually ate)). I hate wasting food and a month ago and before I’d just eat what she had not but now there is now way, it’s a thrown in the ground, squashed, half chewed mess. Yuck. Still not doing well with sippy cups, she prefers drinking out if a cup with mommys help, what a pain :p might just skip the sippy cup as the dentist recommends being done with it before teeth ( didn’t even remember to start trying before teeth) 

Speaking of teeth, she had 2 fully in from nov then out of no where about two weeks ago bam the two teeth beside the bottom front start showing up then bam again the top left front and then a couple days after the top right front and the top left to the front. Wow. #teethinghell <– while very true I think it’s so cool! Must hurt a lot so I feel terrible for her but it’s interesting none the less. 

She’s still army crawling and we worry she will slip hands and knees crawling all together.. but she is now pulling herself up to standing and walking along couches, she had 0 balance though so she is in need of a constant spotter. She still gets around though, every two seconds stopping her from crawling on to the fireplace or front the side of the tv stand ( going for the cables at the back). Her toys aren’t interesting to her anymore she wants to figure out the world, empty boxes and the underside of the table are where it’s at, if there is a nook she’s trying to fit into it. 

A new interest of hers is also books, she’s opening them, looking at pictures, touching the textures and opening the flaps, me and my husband love reading ( though I have barely had a chance since she’s been born but I digress)  so this is a big deal in our home, we have book shelves full for her already and more for each stage there after. Books was one of those things I never felt bad buying for baby while waiting to get pregnant, they are gender neutral and even if baby never came they would have made good gifts. At the same time she also started to notice the tv, we don’t watch tv but we love a good movie, before now she was either sleeping or would happily play with her toys ( refer back to previous paragraph :p ) while we did so without any notice of the screen, now we have to plan our tv time out a bit more scheduled as she’s starting to drop her last nap of the day as well. That’s ok, we will survive with less screen tv time. 

Diaper changes are impossible to go about without a horrible fight, i dread it each time it’s needed. I thought about mentioning it last month as it started about a month and a half ago but hoped if I didn’t It would stop. Alas it didn’t work out that way. We clothe diaper for the most part, we do disposables over night and if we do a diaper change when we are out. 1-3 a day but they are so much easier than the fight with clothe, in temped to switch completely. I’m just too cheap, that’s literally the only reason at this point. I already own the cloth ones. Ugh. The weird part about the whole thing is she’s fine when hubby changes her, I literally copy exactly what he does and she screeches and twists and turns and tries to throw herself off the table. I’ve tried every which way. I’ve completely given up on putting clothes on her, I have to do that after I change the diaper and put her down to play, which can be quite a pain and take quite awhile but it works, sometimes she’s a bit better ( still not good)  if I change her on the floor but that’s hit or miss. Any pointers? 

We have have been working on getting her to sleep in a crib co sleeper style for quite awhile that’s mostly gone out the window the last two weeks but it was every other night or so before that point, it sure feels nice to stretch out in bed, disclaimer I do love bedsharinng but it makes me stiff from not moving all night other then to switch side while nursing. So the plan is to have her sleep her first big chunk of sleep in the crib attached the bed then bedshare for the remainder. The night I’ve managed to get her asleep in there, it’s worked out nicely. We will probably pick that up again in a week or so ( if I surivive till then :p) 

8 months 

Rivers growing like a weed. 18lbs 15.2oz now. We went and got her a vaccine (meningococcal c) this month. I nursed her while they did it and she didn’t cry or seem to notice. She didn’t have any reaction either so that was good. It took us along time to decided what to do about vaccines, not that we are against them or ‘anti-Vaxers’ but we wanted to make the right decision on them for us /her and it took awhile for me and my husband to come to an agreement. We both knew we wanted to wait a bit (after 6 months at least) before she got any but the rest we had to discuss and research. We are still going over the pros and cons for the others but we want to space each vaccine out anyway. 

Naps have been better lately, still not planning on scheduled ones but 4 or 5 times a day I give her an opportunity to nap, whether it’s nursing her in bed or just some quiet time, she’s taking 3 a day still, sometimes two longer ones instead. She’s never napped for longer then 30 mins regularly until this last week. It’s been nice, though I’m not a napper myself, so I dont get to catch up on sleep, I do get some much needed personal time. Usually I use it to clean but I have also taken a shower, started a show, read a few pages of a book. She’s going to bed for the night between 830 and 10 depending when her last nap of the day was.

She has started to army crawl around, rolling was her main way of getting around most of the month but she’s started to army crawl  more and more the last week. I’m so proud of her! She also walks when your holding her hands and has always liked standing but will hold onto the coffee table or couch unassisted if you help her get there. 

She’s always been very vocal and loved to screech, but she’s slowed down a bit in that and is saying mummummum, babababa, dadadada and yayayya instead. It’s been a wonderful transition for our ears and I love hearing her little voice. The first time I could tell she was calling for me, it was the best feeling, a week later I am a bit begrudged because I feel like a terrible person know she wants me if I don’t immediately go to her. 

She’s eating lots of solids with cheese still being a favourite. She generally enjoys something for a few days then stops liking it. This has happened with apple, banana, apricot, three different baby cookies and as of today manago (this is only for finger foods and doesn’t apply to purées)  I find if I re introduce them a few weeks later she will take them again for a few days then will strictly play with them. She likes cherrios, she will eat whatever puréed food I give her except for peas, she loves everything potato also toast, pancakes, eggs most of the time and many other things. She’s been using her sippy cup during meal times, though I read she should be off bottle and sippy cups by 6 months according to her dentist and on to open mouthed cups by now, ya.. that won’t be for a while. Though she does drink just fine out of a regular cup and water bottles, it tend to be a mess as she doesn’t really love/know what to do with the taste of water and it ussually comes out of her mouth and all over her front. 

Speaking of teeth, she still have just two but they are fully in now, I’m sure more will be here soon but so far none are budding and she does seem to be teething. Pulling on her ears, biting everything and really chewing in her thumb. 

7 months

So Rivers first Christmas & New Years, pretty good, we went and saw santa with my older daughter two weeks before the big day. Got a cute picture but the photographer wasn’t the best and it looks like my husband is an outsider by the way they positioned him. We celebrated Christmas on the 23rd and was able to have Kyra for 12 hours ( the longest we’ve ever had her) have Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as opening present and stockings. Play with new toys, and set up lego kits. It was really nice. She got spoiled but it was the first time we really got Christmas with her, so it makes up for the last couple years we hope (by no fault of our own, we would have loved to have her).

 River is growing, 17 and half lbs last time we weighed her a couple weeks ago, probably over 18 now though. She’s got her two bottom teeth fully in now and she’s a real biter. It’s taken a toll on our breast feeding journey, she bites me almost each time during the day, I end the nursing session and put her In her playpen, I say no, biting hurts mommy but I haven’t seen any real change since it started. It defiantly makes me wanna wean her, at least during the day, she takes formula fine, she is also eating breakfast and dinner on solids ( as much as she wants ) then topped up with breastmilk or a bottle. She’s eating pretty much everything we eat now. Haven’t tried peanut butter and a couple other major allergen foods yet but in the next month we will at least try some of them. 

She continues to be a terrible napper. Ussually 2, 20-30 min naps and one hour-hour and half long nap sporadically. Sometimes just one 20 min and one hour long one. Makes for a grumpy baby by bedtime. We have been putting her down and hour or two before we go to bed and having some couple time for the past few days and that’s been nice. 

She’s not quite crawling but she’s starting to scoot, push back and pull forward and she’s been an effective roller for awhile. She’d probably be crawling if we had carpet everywhere, but it’s only in the bedrooms which I like although hardwood isn’t fun to face plant onto. 

I packed all her clothes that were less then 6 months. She still fit some 3 month stuff but it was a couple weeks away from being too small and she just had entirely too many clothes. Now it’s 6 month and 9 month only and it’s about half as much as it was. Much more reasonable. 

She’s still using her soother but as it has mostly been just after she’s fallen asleep or if she’s in the car and going to fall asleep. She nurses to sleep still but not always for naps. She’s still up a lot to nurse during the night. Haven’t had longer than 3 hours sleep straight for a couple months but she’s teething again right now so ussually every hour during the night at the moment. It’s tough, im ussually sleep deprived which sucks. The alternative is to let her cry, which neither my husband or I can bare, so for now I’ll continue to suck it up and hope it’s better once she’s done this round of teething. 

She had her first sickness this past month, congestion and coughing. No fever or vomiting though. My husband and I both had the same cold, mine lasted a few days (Christmas eve and Christmas being the worst of it) but hers was about two weeks long and hubby’s became pneumonia as it often does and he’s still in the trenches though better then he was. She would wake up coughing in the middle of the night and it scared the heck out of us, sounded like she couldn’t catch her breath a couple times. We felt helpless but we brought her to the dr and he said it’s a seasonal cold and it would pass on its own and thankfully it did. We used Vicks rub each night but that’s about all we could do, other than hot showers ( running the shower but not being in it) to help loosen the congestion. I’m sure her immune system is better for it but it was mighty scary. 

Other than that not a lot else to report, healthy beginnings we aged out of, so we are going to a mothers wellness group instead and actively looking for other groups to attend to make some baby friends and other mom friends. Winter is a lonely time for a first time mom I’m finding, so hopefully there are friends on the horizon 🙂 

The big 6 (months)

Our baby is officially 6 months today. She such an amazing little person. She has cut two teeth now and understandably quite cranky the last few days. She’s chewing on everything, she’s started a bit on solids as well. She has had a variety of foods, mostly I try and give her whole foods to attempt to eat or just gum on (carrots, apple slices) but we have also tried a couple purees ( likes squash, green bean; doesn’t like peas) , she’s been eating oatmeal biscuits and French fries/potato wedges which she loves.

She’s still eating about every two -3 hours day and night. It can be waring but mostly Ive gotten used to it. She’s still mostly breast fed, getting chunks of food/purées around dinner and munches on the same Biscuit I give her in the morning most the day.

Sleep is elusive but she ussually stays in bed 12 hrs if we go to bed at 10 she will be happy to wake up around 10 but is up 4 or 5 times to eat but doesn’t cry or fuss goes right back to sleep after eating. In that I’m blessed. Though initially getting her to sleep/in bed can be a challange.

Talking is becoming more clear, she’s saying dadada and mamama. Lots of chatting in baby talk but mostly loud screeching, she loves to hear herself and make as loud of noises as possible. Drives my DH a bit nuts as it’s a very high pitched noise. 

She’s going to be on the move pretty soon, we need to baby proof the house ! She’s rolling to places to move when she wants right now but I can see the beginnings of crawling. She can sit up pretty well now and has great hand eye coordination. 

We don’t fallow milestones but I know vaguely what to look for and when and she seems to be growing pretty well and learning at a good pace. She almost 17lbs at her 6month check up two weeks ago so I’m quite sure she is 17lbs now. 

She is still a tough one to get to nap but if we get out for a walk or take a drive at the right time she throws  me a bone and ussually crashes till circumstances chance (car ride ends / we get to a park ). Other times car rides are a nightmare, she has been better lately then she was (expect since a couple days ago when the tooth started to come in) she had been sleeping Or playing while in the car. 2 months ago and before, it was non-stop constant screaming while in the car and most of the time we stayed home because of it. So glad that has Started to change. 

She’s mostly in 3-6 months clothes but still in some 3 month and 0-3 shoes and socks. 

We went to her first parade last week, it was a Christmas theme and she seemed to enjoy the lights but slept about a 1/4 of it at the beginning. But we are really enjoying doing some family events and are going to be doing santa pictures this Sunday. 

Baby photo bomb!

5 months 

We just finished up Halloween, River was a strawberry (cutest strawberry I’ve ever seen). We went to moms and dads to show her costume off and borrow a couple movies off my dad. We had 12ish trick or treaters. Had quite a bit of candy left over from lack of kids, oh well guess we’ll have to eat it :p 

River is 16lbs now and just starting to sit up, she still isn’t huge on rolling over so I’m not sure crawling is going to happen any time soon. She’s mostly in 3-6 mo this clothes but a few 6 m sleepers.  She’s been going thru a sleep regression and it’s been a lot of ups during the night though last night wasn’t as bad. We are still breast feeding with 2 or 3 2oz bottles, she only will nurse in side laying position or standing up which can be a hassle. I’ve all but given up pumping, i had borrowed two pumps and returned one and tried to return the other but she gave it to me so I’ll still pump occasionally (as I am right now as my mom as baby ) tho I’m only getting about 2oz from both sides. I’m almost at my goal of 6m and then we will see from then on, I hear it’s easier once they are having solids as well. It’s been a real struggle but I feel I’ll still feel guilty totally giving it up and I honestly think River won’t be tooo happy about it either. We’ve been trying a couple solid things, she seems to be ok with banana and oranges but that’s it so far. She pretty much spits everything else out so she’s probably not ready just yet to be trying stuff daily. 

I’ve been going to a moms group once a week and that’s been pretty good, sometimes there are speakers but mostly just a topic that we sort of talk about and it’s so nice to be able to talk to other moms about what I’m troubled with or what rivers going through and not feel judged or worried about it cause they get it. We can continue to go for another month then we age out. So hopefully we can find another place to go weekly after that.

4 months

We went and got her weighed on Monday and she weighs 14 lbs and 6 oz. she’s gone from 13th percentile to 59th since birth. She’s doing so good. She’s getting more motor skills every day. She holds her own bottle, plays with toys by rattling then or trying to eat them. 

She’s starting to teeth I think as she’s been pretty cranky the last few days to a week.

Naps are pretty much a magically unicorn and happen ussually in the car or for 15 mins at a time. It’s been rough. We are trying a couple things to get her to sleep longer during the night as she nurses every two hours and it’s getting pretty wearing on mommy. So instead of side lie feeding her I’ve been trying to sit up and make sure she eats as much as she can by waking her up when she falls back asleep (that hasn’t seen much progress ). Also she’s partially formula fed but mostly breast fed so I’ve been giving her a bottle to fall asleep for the night instead of nursing her and she actually slept 5 hours straight last night. So I’m going to keep that up and see if I can actually catch up on some lost sleep for a couple nights. Here’s hoping. 

I packed away all her 0-3 months clothes and her size one cloth diapers, a couple days ago, it’s a work in progress as some of its till on the laundry and I have to try some of them on to see if it’s the last time wearing it or not, so that’s slightly sad but I’m happy to see she’s growing and I can’t wait for the next step of her life. 

She’sstarted to cuddle, mostly with dad as mom mostly a meal atm. But that’s incredibly cute, hopefully I will get some cuddles soon. She recognizes mommy, daddy and grama. She’s such a smiley girl and loves to be held by everyone possible. Strangers love her cause she always smiles at them when they say hi and smile. 

So far sickness has evaded her. Though we go into crowds more often then recommended, she’s doing good hopefully building an immune system. 

She loves touching faces and making eye contact. She’s such a smart little girl and everyday I love her more and more ❤